A big believer in the words “Least of all learning is done in the classroom.” I de-shackled myself from university last year with a deep desire to do something both challenging and rewarding. Something which would get my hands dirty and provide an opportunity to learn every day. Everything university wasn’t I guess. So I embarked from Stockholm with a bike and a tent and headed for China.

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  1. Hi , i’m one of your father pupils and i work as flight attendant for the italian airlines . Apart from admiring you and congratulating for the intriguing way your enterprise is narrated , i will follow all your trip anxiously living these unique images as i would be there with u guys(but sitting on my sofa,,,) . I think such an interesting travel should be written for the press one day(i’m not jocking and would be nice even here in Italy narrating this on our newspaper . For the moment i wish all the best for the rest of your trip . Take care and keep fighting!! Ciao


    1. Thank you Massimo! And apologies for my delayed response I have not checked the blog in a looong time. I look back on the trip now with extremely fond memories and crave the next adventure! For now, I am also following the trip from my sofa (and my dreams).



  2. Hello,
    I don’t know if you remember me. We meet when we you and your partner were staying in Baku, Azerbaijan and you had come and visited Baku International School. I was wondering how your journey been and how you guys are going. I would love to do what you guys do and be able just to travel across the land and be able to see all the amazing people and diverse landscapes. You guys are amazing and stay awesome!
    Jessie Fairbanks


    1. Hey Jessie thanks for the comment. It was great to come to your school, and Baku was a highlight of the whole trip! It felt like the split between East and west.

      If you want to get out on the bike, I couldn’t think of many places better than Azerbaijan. And I couldn’t recommend many better ways to spend a weekend. Right now Josh and I are living in London, dreaming of the days on the bike camping and in the mountains in AZ, whilst cycling to work.

      Give my best to your fellow pupils.
      Stay awesome


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